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Amy Noble and Linda Reed, former Crandall ISD Kindergarten teachers who later went on to found Frog Street Press, have been honored with being the namesake of Crandall ISD’s 5th elementary school. Noble-Reed Elementary formally opened their doors to 248 students on August 20, 2019, Crandall’s first day of school, but Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Reed were able to join the staff on August 15th for a behind the scenes look at the school.

“We were so excited to welcome them to our campus and we appreciate the opportunity to create an amazing school in their name that will make them proud,” said Paige Hopkins, Principal of Noble-Reed Elementary.

In addition to a strong presence on campus, Noble-Reed has six-week awards created in the names of their founders. The beNoble award is a student character award designed to highlight students who exhibit characteristics of being Nice, Optimistic, Brave, Loyal and Encouraging. The REED award is a teacher award and stands for Recognizing Each and Every Deed.

Crandall ISD is honored to have Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Reed in the community and to be able to learn and grow from them.  Their impact on Crandall ISD as a whole continues to be felt today.  Two Noble-Reed staff members were former Kindergarten students in Mrs. Noble’s classroom.