Full day Pre-K Enrollment

Child must be age 4 on or before September 1, 2020, and meet one of the following criteria:
 Child is unable to speak the English language (EL learner)
 Family meets free/reduced lunch income eligibility guidelines
 Family meets criteria of “homeless”
 Child is an active duty military dependent
 Child of a member of the armed forces, injured or killed while on active duty
 Child of a person eligible for the STAR of Texas Award
 Child is or has been in Foster Care
Required documents
 Birth certificate
 Social security card of student
 Current Immunization records
 Utility bill in parent/guardians name
 Copy of the parents drivers license
 Proof of Income (current paycheck stub, SNAP letter, etc)
 Military documentation if applicable
 Foster care documentation if applicable
 Star of Texas Award certificate if applicable
 If home language other than English, student will be tested at a later date